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wale lyrics : "Mother Nature"

[Verse 1: Wale]
Love this game hate the ^!$$%s that's in it
Can't see my drive (*##$ I only ride tinted

Don't give them what's mine run game by the mile
Never use the word ours I'm living in the minute

Ha, and the (*##$es all gone
Most times when the liquor all gone
Look, by the end of this song

Make a cold heart broad whole and her parts warm

Rain down rain down

Put a g spot on a 8 cloud
Rain down rain down
Give her that D I'm outta 8 mile

Same ole same ole
New canvas she need a new stroke

New %#@! lotta Nuvo
^!$$% we the %#@! no Metamucil

If she ain't showing love then she better do so
I can leave it here but it's better you know
Ha, and it's better you know

I'm trynna get you off like a $#[email protected] loophole

Ha, in your loophole though

You damn slow let me use something else
Ha, you could my help
You gone lose that voice when you lose that belt

[Hook: Babyface Sample]
Slow [x3]

This time make it sweet [sweet x6]
On the slow jam of love

[Background screwed voice: x3] {Do you mind if I slow it down}

Slow [x3]

This time make it sweet {sweet} [x6]
On the slow jam of love

[Verse 2: Wale]
Wale, look
Prada bag for my Mrs

Scholarship for my mistress
All my love to these queens in here
But not a single $#[email protected] for y'all (*##$es

Money is most of y'all interest
It's funny cause most of y'all ain't did %#@!

Lot of babies too see ya plate full
But I don't got the steak for y'all dishes

And I love your mind and ambition
But your loving mine I am the %#@!
We can leave midnight for sure

I can you straighten you out when we twisted

Tornado tornado and I'm trynna blow your mind

Where the tornado? Don't say no
Cause, I need that one good time
Little bit of wine little bit of killer

Little white boy, Shoutout Mac Miller
A ^!$$% don't beat I'm primo Dilla

And now I'm Jack trippin rest in peace John Ritter

My Moschino different

And I just set trends unseen on witter
If I beat it up a little bet the people next door think my team Sacramento


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