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wale lyrics : "MFS"

(Wale ? Intro)
I know your situation ain't typical
And I think you gifted too

And i appreciate it
Now bust it open

(whoa) (Dance, Dance, Dance) x2

I don't wanna come off complicatin

BUt I been not too fond of my new lady
I just can't work wit an imagination
I just wan' see how far I can take her

She got me like

[Verse : 1 (Fat Trel)]

That mulan skin tone, with the china cheek bones
And the bandit $$#, me, I just got some cash

And the girlfriend is bad you the best I never had
You should bring the choppa back , I'mma buy this (*##$ a bag
You know Ralph, he got the Lex, but we can sex it in the Jag

You and her be neck and neck, i got them stacks they in the bag
And them Texans goin ham, in Atlanta doin bad
I'm in Cali throwin bands, In Miami I ont dance

And (*##$ you know you'll be my favorite stripper
Just make sure that when I see you I'mma hit ya
At Stadium drinkin liquor takin pictures

I kiss some #[email protected] and some swishers for my ^!$$%s


Shoutout to my $#[email protected] favorite stripper (x4)
-Shoutout to my $#[email protected] favorite-

And when she bust it open I say
(Bust it, Bust it, Bust it) (x2)

[Verse: 2 (Wale)]

Call me bae before she leave
Cuz she say she make it easy to dance and dance
Gotta see it yourself believe me

Gotta piercin in her cheek got a piercin on her cat
And I'm thinking ??, fried wings is in the back
And I came wit Lil Meatch, and i think he brought the strap

Ain't come to start no problems, just came to drop a stack
PJ and 'gnac, me Trel and Blac
Went from PG and broke to PJ's and land

Shoutout to my mother $#[email protected] stripppers
I ain't bout to go in if they don't be showin nipples, catch up (ca ca ca catch up)
Shoutout to my $#[email protected] favorite strippers

I'm such a $#[email protected] tipper probably pay for twenty [email protected]&^jobs, ge ge get up


Get lost in the ice from a bag of mine she might call me tonight
Then that force she decides to go home of course she says ?I'm sorry? inside I'm blown

But I'll be ok, KOD wit like 3 0k
Holmes from DOA give em Deon D
OD on bread if they can Beyonce

Shoutout to my $#[email protected] favorite stripper
Onyx, Stadium, Magic, wit big ones
Shoutout to Professions and the take 1

Even if I never get her I'mma get her (my ^!$$%)


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa