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wale lyrics : "LoveHate Thing"

Featuring: Sam Dew

[Intro: Wale]

Shout out to Marvin Gaye
Love you then they hate you
Then they love you again

Hate you then they love you
Then they hate you again

[Hook: Sam Dew]
Hold me tight, let me go
Heal my heart, hurt my soul

Build me up, break me down
Make me smile, make me frown
Give me love, take it all away again

Give me love, take it all away again

[Verse 1: Wale]

Yeah, ain't no love in the heart of city, that's what they told me
Beef with over 100 ^!$$%s, don't none of 'em know me
Son of a mother studying at UDC

Sitting in taxi cabs, where daddy roaming the streets
Seven hallelujahs, my sutana was clean
On everything I wear it, all the America's tees

This whole system most prolific in the DMV
Listen when you get the keys to sell 'em, you don't get the beef
Make a ^!$$% wanna get the piece to get to peace

You gon' need more than Wikipedia to get to me
PG to Mo County bet they all know about me
Every hood, every 'burb, I got superb balance

From the city that made me love you forever for it
Hope you celebrate every moment forever ignore it
You made me what I am, you made me what I'm not

They gon' love you a little different when you at the top

[Bridge x2: Wale]

Give me love, baby
Not enough, not enough, just a touch, baby
What the $#[email protected], baby? It's just us, baby

This ain't right, this is life
This a love hate thing

[Hook: Sam Dew]

[Verse 2: Wale]

Yeah, my affinty grows as the city gets cold
As you reaching your goals, you gon' meet you some foes
Having dinner with Leonsis I'm dreaming to own

But for now me and my homies see the bottom floor
I'm trying to redefine the culture, and invent the soul
Women in town, but I'm manifestating every goal

I see potential in John, talk to him once a week
Media targeting our city in This Week
I lost a lot of friends and they ain't even dead

When I was on my way up, why you ain't see the stairs?
Lord father if I opted to follow them
My heart would tear from my dreams let me know that you here

And it's rare when I'm anywhere with too many heads
^!$$%s jealous and never tell it until they stare
How could you blame us envy?

We do the same thing for a living
Know the same ^!$$%s, but they all commend me
Champagne I'mma spill it until we all fill up

Maybe it stopped me from giving a $#[email protected] about opinions
And probably not, but I'm temporarily out of fizzucks
So tell the post to leave propaganda to politicians

[Hook: Sam Dew]

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