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wale lyrics : "LOTUS FLOWER BOMB"

I'mma rap to you real quick. I wanna enjoy the luxury of like, not knowing each other for real. Hol' up

[INTRO: Miguel]
Lotus flower bomb, firefly
When I'm low, she take me high

I can teach you all the sounds of love

[VERSE 1: Wale]

Flowerbomb, let me guess your favorite fragrance
And you got that bomb, huh, I'm tryna detonate you
No disrespecting baby, just tryna make you smile

Try to keep my spirits up, that's why I lays it down
Try to keep your spirits up, lil vodka whatever
Took you forever to get dressed, I acknowledge your effort

So I clap for her, she deserves an applause
Shawty working so hard, she deserve that Vuitton
Shawty where your baton, racing through my mind like

She heard that I got that work, I heard that she been on strike
Care to tell, I read your mind, she been on them dollars first
Caramel macchiatos when shawty get into work

I can be your boyfriend be your ^!$$% or a friend with perks
I'm just tryna work that huh, they just tryna work your nerves
I'm just tryna read your mind, I'm just tryna feed you mine

I'm just tryna give you light, they just tryna leave you blind

[HOOK: Miguel]

We're living in a fantasy
I feel it when you dance with me
It's feeling like you need to be

My lady, my baby, yeah
Can't you see
I'm talking about eternity

Tell me would you care to be
My lady, my baby

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