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wale lyrics : "Legendary"

[Verse 1]
Chopper the don with it, I wrote the lyrics
They ain't grossing a million, liquid don't form an opinion

I'm sort of a genius, nothing short of a legend
Sort of Tommy Lasorda
The way I'm sorting these pitchers

Pitchers whatever, f*ck it my speech is off
Weekend trip into wherever, only heaven is far
Metaphors in every color, these indelible bars

Jordan 4 seated floor-side sittin' with mobs
Only fear is mediocrity
Every time I got a beat I feel like I don't gotta sleep

You keep praying on your break, I hope you got a sling
Shot for all them shots coming out them beaks
Sort of like Socrates and a prodigy

You can't kick it, your pockets thinner than soccer teams
People f*ckin' with me, they ain't f*ckin' with you
Lyrically sup hmm being generous too

I remember a n*gga demo just sit in a room
Made some moves, now I'm known to spit December to June
Rented a coupe ? cool ? met me a chick

Always keep a rubber, word to telling your kids
If you gon' do what you gon' do, go handle your biz
Or smoke some purp, take a Percocet and Xanax and chill

For real, you real then I don't need to say it
It's something to be great, it's nothing to be famous...

[Hook x2]
F*ck fame, f*ck money
F*ck everything anyone can take from me

It ain't hard to make money
We young n*ggas, we just tryna be legendary

[Verse 2]
Zoning my second bottle, focused still on tomorrow
?So what thoughts? keep me anxious, Moet gon' keep me calmer

Poetry keep her honest, these readings Stevie could draw up
Don't see this deeper than music, don't hear it but feel the author
I don't hear no talking, we just hear them barking

And you know you run %#@! when they pay you good for walk-ins
Failure is not an option, success is just a process
Say ?yes? one time they use you, say ?no? one time they plotting

Didn't make it through college, still debating my progress
End some friendships with homies, made some haters with albums
Limitations for cowards, this is Shay mixed with Malcolm

This is anti Mark McGuire it takes patience for power
Zoning my six-rillo legendaries forever
Roll a n*gga that lala ? that's how I play the mello

N*ggas plotting against you, hate you but never tell you
And I know my haters want to make my heart beat acapella
Hella proper, my garment is propeller of chopper

Cause I hella copped em so I could be way flyer than all them
I aspire for awesome and require some flossing
Only way they gon' listen, find it highly unfortunate

Tryna see if real lyric spittin' can buy me a Porsche
Tryna see if I get my critics as silent as auctions
I decided to boss up, life's a b*tch and I caught her

Don't always f*ck me good, I'm just too cheap to divorce her

[Hook x2]

F*ck fame, f*ck money
F*ck everything anyone can take from me
It ain't hard to make money

We young n*ggas, we just tryna be legendary

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