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wale lyrics : "Lacefrontin'"

I am trying to find where your mind at
A little way a lot of people .. yet
Adult [email protected][email protected] .. fly cast old spirit

Ambitious real [email protected][email protected] is about that
I ain't tripping .. nobody know the limit
.. I try to make it different

She says she want a man .. a god hand on the shoulders
I need to feel that she say .. don't matter if it's real for
For real see your smile cause I paid for

Breath out .. shorty must move
.. you say this ?
Go Wale

Go Wale
Go Wale

Tell them .. get up on my level
.. another level tell them ..
No girlfriends no .. ambition .. I am gonna perform a petition

Somebody must be listen ? what the $#[email protected] you want
What the $#[email protected] youc are .. she says she is a model
So exotic .. kids sweet pics .. couldn't get a ..

Tell me what it is we know what it isn't
What it is what it is what it is
I got you

What it is what it is

Look I think I found what your momma was

A lot of women ain't proud .. what a night life
.. she never had .. shorty .. was out pretty .. for free
.. getting cahs mother $#[email protected] .. what it is

.. what it is .. what it means
I ma just trying to show people what it means ..
.. fake booty fake eyes and you ask why you get fake guys

Go Wale
Go Wale go Wale

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Thanks to soryna2