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wale lyrics : "King Slayer"

Got my back to the wall, this isnâ??t rap, this is war
Took a sabbatical, Iâ??ll battle anybody who want it
These are my king knack for words, as a actual sword

I could decapitate a rapper, if he be lackinâ?? he gone
Know that my faction too strong, know that my passion that throne
Know that my team is afloat, no matter what raft that we on

What did you think? Homie Iâ??m never gonâ?? sink, Iâ??ll be forever a G
Cominâ?? at me? Haters capiche, Iâ??ll throw you a piece like [?] on the beat
The homie a beast, you know where I be so who want it with me?

Lil homie a beast, with double M G, my youngâ??ns is thee
And every full moon, thatâ??s fact [?]
Iâ??m tellinâ?? whoever is messinâ?? with me, could bring you that Khaleesi heat

Burn up, like Iâ??m tryna fill the urn up
And Iâ??m tryna be the best so see my speech as [?]
Word up, better back up or Iâ??ll pack out that black car service

Get you back up when Iâ??m back up and I plan on murkinâ??
Your $$# is curtains
Fakinâ?? on us and we gonâ?? ride out

I ainâ??t fakinâ?? dawg and you can find out
Chest pokinâ?? up but what your mind â??bout?
Bet when it be on, they gonâ?? hide out

Seeinâ?? haters tryna bring me down, no
King slayer knock you out your crown
[?] the crew [?]

You thinkinâ?? too hard, what is you â??bout?
Family over monetary any day
My man that get the conversary every day

Never carry weight, my name carry weight
Love, hate, revolve like a .38
Love the paper but the fame in the way

Love the ladies but the queens hard to get
And Iâ??m like a Lannister, run my town, thatâ??s seven kingdoms
And theyâ??ll never stop us, their only option is try to be us

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa