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wale lyrics : "Heaven's Afternoon"

In the grand scheme of things
We never were supposed to have %#@!

Born to lose, built to win
Let's get it in

We ain't supposed to never have nothing

We ain't supposed to never have %#@!
See the growth in my rhymes
See my focus ain't on them

Nah, at the top is just us, right
Let's get it

[Verse 1]
PRPs or some dunks you ain't on
Givenchy, but no kilt, mi amor

We can't leave, for we love the allure
Hold mine down and stay above what you on
On, I'm appeased and obliged

Scorpio freaks quantity Gemini
I'mma need me a light
Ridin' through the cap, Cap STEEZ on the mind

I ain't know him but I wish I did
Each one, teach one, may the youth live
On that, Joey Bad please hold your head

Lost one last summer, livin' ain't fair
While them ^!$$%s scared, we forever here
Hate to see you smile, money everywhere

Dream killers out, I see them in the rear
Before I put them in a song, put them in a prayer


[Verse 2]
Yeah, I'm focused, it's Folarin here
I reckon your barbershop talk of this

Heavenly father, may the spirit of God
Help whoever at odds get your guidance quick
All we need Keisha, all we need Becky

All we need is God, and fed free fetti
My little buddy look strong, young ^!$$% peddle
He ain't make it in the leagues, so the streets wet him

Gettin' wet up on the corner in whatever weather
Before see the jail again, he gonna see the devil
Been a week since he seen his mother

And 18 since he seen the other
I'mma pray for him
It's safe to say, he got some pain within

It ain't too much that I can say to him
Cause my bank statement don't relate to him


[Verse 3: Meek Mill]

I was so fresh, so clean when I stepped on that scene
Pulled up Aston Martin, you could ask them ya'll seen
When I came through this (*##$

Paper tagging on lean
Baddest (*##$ in the game
^!$$% that was ya'll dream

Hold up, let me get a feel
Like Jack say hold up
I don't feel these ^!$$%s, nah

Hey Wallace

[Verse 4: Wale]

Yap, what's the problem? I'm focused
I'm Kobe, I kill these ^!$$%s
I ain't scared of these ^!$$%s

Getting higher than Shaquille O'Neal's field goal percentage
Yeah me ^!$$%
Till the brokest ^!$$% with got a mill plus interest

Meek keep living
Get em

[Verse 5: Meek Mill]
When I was dead broke used to always tell myself I'mma still be the %#@!

'Til my P.O she locked me up
I'mma do the time come home and still be this rich
Still see the bricks, I'mma still be a Mitch
Got these RICO %#@! tryna kill me and %#@!
Hol' up, tryna kill me and %#@!

Let me get the flow back, I was killing this %#@!
We was killing them strips, drop heads -- no ceilings and %#@!
Ain't talking 'bout Wayne, (*##$ I'm talking them things
300 in chains a million in whips, ^!$$%


Started from the bottom ^!$$%
But now we grinding till the law come get us

For the money and them commas ^!$$%
But can't forget about ##&*%$ ^!$$%
Started from that bottom ^!$$%
But now I got it it's a problem ^!$$%
For that money and them dollars ^!$$%
And I ain't rich but I'm still shining ^!$$%

I'm still shining ^!$$%
I'm still shining ^!$$%
Shining ^!$$%
We still shining ^!$$%
Shining ^!$$%
We still shining ^!$$%
Shining ^!$$%

Let me shine my ^!$$%

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