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wale lyrics : "FIRST CLASS"

Fell asleep in first class
Hoes callin' my phone but f-ck it

I get to 'em when I land
And I aint tryna land cause time is money
So while you worry bout the hoes, I kill shows

and bag more clothes
It's Polo: check
These Jordan 4′s: check

These women know, What I'm on
(what I'm on)

Look, doing life from the 36th floor
Tryna renovate the game, I aint happy with the score

Hol' up
Insubordinate for good reason
As I coordinate the perfect feature

Uhh, a working genius, a work of art
Thats how I see it
Cause I can bring you to your dreams like Salvia

Holiday season, Obama's good neighbour
I aint talkin to neither but got comma's in my statement
My (*##$es f-ck me good

In the morning make me bacon
And even when I make 'em, mad still make em naked
And I don't take no dames out

I just spit my game out
She don't give her ^!$$% head cause I f-ck all her brains out
Hey, thats cold blooded

Hey, these hoes love it
Roll up was $4, Doja was four hundred
Dolce Gabbana stuntin'

A young ^!$$% love it
Why ya'll be gettin' mad
We only gettin' money


[Big Sean - Verse 2]
Okay today I was the freshest in my area
Freshest in the neighbourhood

Freshest in America
F-ckin (*##$es chasing paper
I feel like I'm alterior

Boi, I'm historical
I cause the hysteria
Ok, whats a better accessory?

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