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wale lyrics : "First Class ft. Big Sean & B.o.B."

Fell asleep in first class
Hoes callin' my phone but f-ck it

I get to 'em when I land
And I aint tryna land cause time is money
So while you worry bout the hoes, I kill shows

and bag more clothes
It's Polo: check
These Jordan 4′s: check

These women know, What I'm on
(what I'm on)

Look, doing life from the 36th floor
Tryna renovate the game, I aint happy with the score

Hol' up
Insubordinate for good reason
As I coordinate the perfect feature

Uhh, a working genius, a work of art
Thats how I see it
Cause I can bring you to your dreams like ?

Holiday season, Obama's good neighbour
I aint talkin to neither but got comma's in my statement
My (*##$es f-ck me good

In the morning make me bacon
And even when I make 'em, mad still make em naked
And I don't take no dames out

I just spit my game out
She don't give her ^!$$% head cause I f-ck all her brains out
Hey, thats cold blooded

Hey, these hoes love it
Roll up was $4, ? was four hundred
Dolce Gabbana stuntin'

A young ^!$$% love it
Why ya'll be gettin' mad
We only gettin' money


[B.o.B - verse 2]
Okay today I was the freshest in my area
Freshest in the neighbourhood

Freshest in America
F-ckin (*##$es chasing paper
I feel like I'm alterior

Boi, I'm historical
I cause the hysteria
Ok, whats a better accessory?

My all gold Rolly or the (*##$ thats standing next to me
Or the one in front of me
Or the chick leaving

Lightin' reef up like it's the holiday season
Woah there, woah there, these ^!$$%s can't f-ck with me
They too little

I'm animal you can't talk to me
Unless you are Dr Dolittle
Welcome, we-welcome to the GOOD life

Heard you had a bad day, well lets make it a good night
But they say we aint BIG
Turn us to a Suge Knight

Lets swim in alcohol and hop up on that red-eye kush flight
And when I'm O, I'll probably die getting some head
I'm just multiplying my money and dividing the legs

B-I, boi, boi...


[B.o.B - Verse 3]
From my shell toes to my brim brim

I'm an old soul with my pimp limp
I roll up and I sip sip
Whole team full of OG's packing fo-fo's on the hip hip

But we stay cool, we don't miss miss
Through the grapevine yeah they diss diss
When they feel safe on some (*##$ %#@!

I'm first class on my trip trip
With two chicks, sadistic
We touch down in Moscow and take flicks like click click
She so hysterical, she say my life aint regular cause
I be doing rich %#@!, you know, baller %#@!

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