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wale lyrics : "FAIRY TALES"

[whispering: lil duval]

[verse 1: wale]
is it real girl?
is it really real girl?

is it really real girl?
is it really real?

something i can feel girl
worth a couple bills
or something that you paid for

is it really real?

uh, let me go wit it

let me flow wit it
yea it look official
but why it don't jiggle?

no i'm not trippin
and yea i been sippin

her tax bracket been different since shawty started strippin

i'm a real ^!$$%

i got a lot of manners
but shawty know i'm a rapper
so that don't even matter

ass need a saddle
shots like an addict

mama made her pretty
doctor made her fatter

i ain't gone judge
throwin you a dub
ass shots is a plus

attention is a must

never big enough

a twenty somethin cup
she was the queen of the club
see boy she been in love

[hook: wale & lil duval]
yea back it up for a real ^!$$% [real ^!$$%]

you could probably fall in love with a real ^!$$% [real ^!$$%]
a lot of women think a butt is a meal ticket [meal ticket]
but if a ^!$$% catch a nut bet he feel different

yea back it up for a real ^!$$%
and you can probably get a cup from a real ^!$$%

and you nervous cause ya $$# probably feel different
you fairytaling but i'm liable to still hit it

[lil duval]

8shots of cc's will have that $$# looking so right [right]

you might live and you might die
but who gives a $#[email protected] you here tonight
ah yea lord

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