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wale lyrics : "Fa We We"

[Verse 1]
Stuntin' on these ^!$$%s every one of them
Ralph Folarin via untouchable double M

Genius, no bleachers, floor seat us
Dope thoughts, that guap, pray for Adidas
Twelve lines that can melt minds when it's hail time

That's why these (*##$es goin' down boy, I should sell sly
Lil sly fly ^!$$%, my ^!$$%
And this rap %#@! a circus I only ride for my ^!$$%s

And I know I use the n-word too much, and the b-word too much
I know I seem like I'm lunchin' but let me see
I make a dam by taking beavers to lunch

Suck your teeth all you want boy, your joint on my jock
Every ^!$$% with commercial success is getting closer to helping mama go further from them
What's the purpose of working if you ain't touchin' the kids

What's the purpose of respect if both your mamas in debt
Dreamed of video vixens, verses on Drama cassettes
Now these ganstas is grillin', although they gotta respect

Good in all regions, the strippers say I'm G cuz I tip 'em
I'm talkin' G %#@!, and a ^!$$% on repeatin' the trap
Shoutout to NO, on the for real though

The ho tellin', card 'em like incidentals
And I ain't even playin', this game is so mental
You keep talkin' 'bout potential, your career's an intro

And now cho keep his mouth closed
Just that flow he throw around be sellin' out shows
Life crazy, couple statements can buy you Mercedes

Quit your hatin' now baby that ain't how God made ya
Yeah I get it, want the best for my ^!$$%s
Few chains, more whips ^!$$%, dominatrix

I said that before, but I'm more relevant now than when I said that before
When I left after school, a lot said I'd be broke
Allah knew I'd be good, so now I'm blessin' the folks

Try to stunt on my haters, give these young ^!$$%s hope
And with this drive I will traffic intellectual dope, you know

Aight, keep it goin', keep it goin' $#[email protected] it

Cause I'm the best with these quotes, don't be respectin' these hoes

She in the books, I'm in her head, that's no telepathy though
Can't stand it, ^!$$%'s famous, they can't mess with me though
They need to let that boy cook, I got that recipe, hold up

Who not respectin' me, confront me when correctin' me ho
You pull a string that says oh, I make a symphony with phones
Orchestrate how I do it, off the top we official

Not a opera at all, but I'm in a Phantom with (*##$es

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