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wale lyrics : "Drums N Shit"

Yea, I been humble too long
Grew up in the jungle where it's killers at war
Gorillas at the door fiends sleeping on the floor

And this is DC where the rich see the poor
Cause they right down the street

My chances were shallow somehow I'm so deep
My ex (*##$ bitter now cause everything sweet
Take Cee around town as if everything cheap

Shawty put it on me

Yea, smoking loud enjoying my youth

Take you out kentland and show you a zoo
I don't need a bunch of jewels to show you I'm cool
Pathological lies even though I'm the truth

Ride through my city car black can't see out
If I get stopped copper pissed through the weed out

God know me and God love me so $#[email protected] y'all
Love (*##$es that love reading and love malls
Love reefer and love sneaker above those

She keep her eyes open and her $#[email protected] mouth closed

Yea, underrated like a mutha$#[email protected]

Lightening, rain on this mutha$#[email protected]
Writing, amazing with this mutha$#[email protected]
I lay a16 they go crazy in this mutha$#[email protected]

Okay, $#[email protected] with me ^!$$% no way
No days Off and that's even on a snow day
Closed case I'm a mutha$#[email protected] g

Stunting 16 wearing something obscene Joe

Come see real ^!$$%s on my team

Though I know a couple ^!$$%s trynaa have my long jeans Joe
And that's Jay line I had to quote that
And I'm a black star that's word to Mos Def

Hate a lot of y'all don't gotta go in depth
Smoking on that loud kinda feel like I'm going deaf

I got rhymes for days ^!$$% I'm cold
Y'all ^!$$%s can leave if my ^!$$%s a go

Y'all won't even breath if I tell them to go
My goal is going gold with out selling my soul
Why probe our $$#

Why a black ^!$$% take $$# over class

Can't win with a passive attack

I ain't sold too many records cause the math was inaccurate
Bad (*##$es have us bag full of magnums
Y'all won't, but you know I'm kinda like Accra

That's the capital of Ghana for you idiots

Me and my affiliates the hottest in the city (*##$

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Thanks to soryna2