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wale lyrics : "DOUBLE M GENIUS"

i try to tell them i'm one of the
best thinkers of this class i'm in

[verse 1]
yeah, i'mma let the chips fall
^!$$%s is kemba walker tryna see me pitfall

^!$$%s is starring like a synagogue: think about it
centerfold (*##$es prolly couldn't get a drink up out me
they say i need some guidance

but i think they need a stylist
(*##$ you should see my wallet
this (*##$ gonna need pilates

and you can't see folarin
what the $#[email protected] are you, [email protected]$!ed?
i ain't hugging the corner, but i hustle so enormous

a modern day goodfella, i'm ray liotta
loud smoking so pass the l like a semicolon
the bentley is rented but i got many chauffers

foamposites if you ain't got em then you penny-loafing!
under-rated that's temporarily for the moment
only marry your woman if mama cold as willona

see, i'm second to no one
i'm the messenger-poet
they slowly showin they colors

they music good but they bogus

[hook] x3
they talkin
talkin bout folarin

[verse 2]
verse 2 gon be $#[email protected] with verse 1

especially when you're writing %#@! that can never be done
that kevin love flow
bored of the shooters

my women be in the newest
yo (*##$es should buy a loofah
where i'm from they is ruthless

babies turn into shooters
crazy talking and foolish

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