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wale lyrics : "Change Up"

The same old ^!$$% since day one
Sharp as a ginzu though my tennis shoes Ray Guns
Raise up your glass, puff and pass for they hating $$#

W's on my mind, peep what I'm getting at
Attire proper, Bryce Harper though slightly darker
From where the drivers forgotten, you get blocka for parkas

Ronald's was poppin, they be wildin' for posites
Shorty from Waldorf say Wale don't stop up your progress
It's not a problem, little mama, only a part of me polished

I get inside her head and promptly get Kylie Minoguing
Slick mouth, ^!$$%, legendary with lyrics
And never let up, keep one leg up, ^!$$% Kerry Kittles

It's very simple, I'm innocent, now you never winning
And I'm up about fifty effortlessly, ^!$$%, check the ticker
$#[email protected] a ^!$$%, hate a hater, that's just how I'm living

And I'm playin' ball with a chess board, ^!$$%; Bobby Fischer
And it's hard to be focused going around all these women
I tell her I'm much deeper, that don't mean I'm much different

More like the writing, Iceberg Slim with better diction
She let me hit her in the gut, feel it like premonitions
Wooh, you know I'm feeling myself

Tell these ^!$$%s Folarin back on my way to that belt
By the way of the beltway, where they hatin' too much
When ^!$$%s dirty, thirsty, hungry they subjects to lunch

Right? But at least we see that's the problem being not on
I inspire for well-off, y'all inspire for well-known
Not no LeBron, but I'm cool with being Jamal

Cross, somebody falling, don't keep reaching, let me just ball
Just ball with these groupies, been tired of these ^!$$%s
They ain't seeing me stunting, like a tint-job on a Bentley

Your annual is my rent fee, been playing it cool, don't tempt me
$#[email protected] that, but nah, I take 'em out to lunch, I'm a cannibal to these emcees
Ever so glutinous, miss me with that sucker %#@!

Tatted out with angels
Since I pray I don't get caught up in this game, ^!$$%
Not a chance, ^!$$%

About a dollar so they hollering I changed, ^!$$%
Same lyrics, just the stage different
Sneakerman Daniel san, we still crane kick 'em

Tell the haters better raincheck me
One call to clean them up, still hang with made ^!$$%s

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