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wale lyrics : "CHAIN MUSIC"

dmv up, roll up and kick my feet up
this %#@! was for a ticket
? speed up

? we know we always out
but somehow they would never see us
gold chain, %#@!'s change, i didn't

they say ? is up your vision
but somehow it made them listen
no this ain't silver, this is my dilemma

arrogant when i finish
i came from humble beginnings
? i put my hundred percent in

i put my pot in the paper
and modify your opinion
i tried to give 'em light in a message

but you ever have some (*##$es p.m.s.ing
she said i'm charming and i meant it
but she was talking about my pendant

i got geechi on her, came back with thirty chains
now she attentive, i bet she listen to everything
straight geechi on her, came back with eighty chains

now them silly (*##$es calling me like everyday

now them broads gon' follow

(chain so big, can't pop my collar)
silly (*##$es gon' follow
(chain so big, can't pop my collar)

straight geechi on 'em
you talking greasy
best believe they gon' see it, darling

geechi on 'em
straight geechi on 'em
? body, see you when you being humble

look, she so stingy with ##&*%$
but why it open when them ^!$$%s get to shining?

i was hoping you would notice where my mind at
put money in the book, i bet these (*##$es wouldn't find it
look, okay this chain music, $#[email protected] how them lame's do it

you change to it, your brain's been wasting those fluids
i been dope, cold ^!$$% for sure
but where i'm from there ain't no love for no broke ^!$$%

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