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wale lyrics : "Break Up Song"

[Verse 1]
See, breaking up it's hard to move along it's even harder

It's over she got colder now can't locate where her heart is
And I'm just being honest, since we not even talking
My mind won't let you go

She even consider stalking I
You know I be teasin' no
You know that my ego won't

Thought this was forever love
Guess I was a season no
She got back with her old boy

She's probably had a reason though
Although thought that we would grow
Guess I was unfeasable

But we ain't gonna be be for no
I miss you at my recent show
Speak this (?) off (?)

Sometimes I just wanna speak you up
Yeah, hit you up, or call you up, or send a text
Your new man got my respect

So if I do call it's just a check
Her that should I I go
My ^!$$% for life though

It's finnaly had this life go
We love for a while then a light goes
Took me a while just to write those

(?) had a fight so I'mma stop right here
And I know you don't care
But I hope you got that bite boo

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