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wale lyrics : "Best Night Ever"

[Kevin Cossum - Intro]
Girl what you grabbin' cash for?
All you need is your passport?

[Kevin Cossom - Chorus]
What you know about this life
Just relax baby get high

You're on your way to the best night ever
No top on the car (no top, no top)
Out with the stars (yeah)

You're on your way to the best night ever
((*##$ don't mess this up for yourself?)

Forgetting time spending several minutes in her eyes
When in her mind it be feeling different in her thighs
And she'll advise, giving hours to another broad

'Cause what is love if you ain't discover loving hard
A ^!$$% thorough she knew it before I pull the car
She pretty but she insecure as baby momma scars

Everything got a flaw, we desire perfection
Body pad as hell, her ##&*%$ is heaven
And her mind is amazing, different kind of connection

Love is for optimistic, no she try and convince me
And her body is steaming, how I need it revealing
Not a product on the market that can offer this feeling

It's so hard for civilians, thank God you were the boss
You found a prince without losing slippers or kissing frogs
Don't get too far, just play your part, I break you off

And one day you'll get my all it's Inshallah
[Rick Ross]

Open your eyes wide, riding in the Rolls Royce
Keep your mouth closed, you $#[email protected] with a dope boy
Everybody watching while you touching real money

I'm only rocking with the ^!$$%z that'll kill for me
My hood (*##$es, even got em rocking heels for me
All the jewels on, got about a mill on me

Date a strippers but the (*##$es wanna feel on me
Third bottle feeling like they slip the pill on me
These ^!$$%z snitch and catch a case and cut a deal on me

So $#[email protected] a song, writing poems for the real homies
One life to live but they all doing life bids
Everybody coming home deserve a white Benz

Hoes gossip while the real ^!$$%z on the grind
Gucci rocking this gold rolly, I'm rocking mine
Baby told me that she never memorized a verse

Until the day I put a 100k inside her purse

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