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wale lyrics : "Bedrock Freestyle"

She got that good good
She Michael Jackson bad
So hit me with them cups Ron Artest Stepen Jackson yea

And I don't have to ask
Shorty gon give it to me

And now we high
I got more green than grounds keeper willy

Oh girl now don't be silly
Lets come up to my city
they ask about me

my kick game be making Fifa for envy
D.C. PG is with me see that Bentley that ain't mine
if out of line

had a woman bust it taking that matter right

I be getting scratched

so I must ask now wheres the calamine
and #[email protected] is the %#@! but that don't mean I'm feening paper ya'll
Damn I'm fry

And I'm gone
she alright
oh she gone

please sugar don't come alone
and don't you bring your camera phone

I believe in privacy
I beleive in honesty
That lieing on they jimmy

on they twitter right and I will see

I'm modest, and humble

my polo got no logos
mr pacio now I'm packing
your ##&*%$ shall be Cotto

I can party in 90210
So [email protected]^% hard and go go

need a girl whos tryna ball
Cuz I don't know we bag a logo

You is lofing no B.S.ing
second guessing ever me
never agree with that message

they say nothings ever free

%#@! cuz I'm an F-ing theft

Pop a pill
get some tree
Get a glass and put chris on, yea

just like mr. C, oh

No big baby

so give it baby
I'm verra waggin
No isn't baby

Don't mean to be impatient
But you should be in pagents

I got more hoes that tiger
Word to saget

I got that ganja itch
loud addition purple patch
and bring some roll up

bring a movie
bring your friend
I got the Magnums

bring some cheetos
bring some gum
and when you done I'll call that cab

And if you pay for that yourself
I promise I'mma call you back

All you bad
and all you cute
and I'm in awe
from all you do

But if I went and convolute
do you think I would have called it to

No boo

think I need another play
let me call that hotel
she can't know where my mother stay

Now I'm straight

lets consummate
your girlfriend want to follow
she said kiss me on my lips if you wanna know how her ##&*%$ tastes

Ok, let me do it

guess I see it's my turn
ya'll wife and white knight her
I pipe in and one night her
heart break
I serve
to MCs that don't rhyme good

They think they bring that pain
well I am percaset and vicodine
you work the (*##$
I'm ballin
Florence something foreign
you get close but no cigar

like the footballers from new orleans
I'm a manning
I'm a mansions
or the Hamptons
we just went there
Put that lamp in
I'm in the middle of a bad (*##$ sandwich, yea

and they all lettuce
you all ketchup
we countin all this feta (cheese)
this time we all relish

And ya'll don't know no beef
this smourgus board is portabella

All I bump is Rockefeller
Rock nation

D.C., We propelling
You know I am not gon stop
I don't need no single
Like I'm only serving 20 rocks

No change
I won't Change
Fat Trel
No bass
three six eight
whats up to boarders is we not playin

go head
break a leg
do what you must do
But Ym and us is close like mr. Fiji in Hiku

Ya'll ain't fly
ya'll ain't cool
Got %#@! dropped out, don't recoup
And I don't make no bed rock
I turn that mattress to a pool, Biotch

Ooh Baby,
I Be Stuck To You, (hey)
Like Glue Baby, (like)
Wanna Spend It All On You, (I want it to feel like my song)
Baby, (hey)
My Room Is The G Spot,
Call Me Mr. Flintstone,
I Can Make Your Bed Rock
I-I-I I Can Make Your Bed Rock (Hey)
I-I-I I Can Make Your Bed Rock Girl (hey rock nation what's up)
I-I-I I Can Make Your Bed Rock (young money what's up, rock nation what's up)
I-I-I I Can Make Your Bed Rock (lets go)

[Lyrics By Robert Weber]

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