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wale lyrics : "Artistic Integrity"

Okay, uh, look. If you wanna just keep doing the same old thing, maybe this idea is not for you. I for one am not going to compromise my artistic integrity. And I'll tell you something else, this is the show. And we're NOT gonna change it

Never will I ever utter never to myself
Fall in love with defeat, throw my endeavors on the shelf

I never back up like Cleo Lemon on myself
Lemonade connoisseur life's lemons coming out
When life gets sour know I still devour

I remember Peabody mice crawling up the shower
Now it's motorbikes, warm nights out in Maui
And white (*##$es and light skinned women be smilin'

DC star, a PG legend
MoCo phenomenon holmes I'm all of it
Yeah, they all love it though critique Jon Lovitz

And whack hoes hatin' on key out in public
See, welcome to fame where most of us is gon' change
If you never do, still ^!$$%s look at you strange

^!$$%s mostly $$#ume, ^!$$%s make up they news
Once you made it you cool, they label you brand new
Really in subconscious

They see a star no longer the underdog
So nobody wanna walk with ya
They all talk like you think you was a god n'%#@!

But you the same that you always is
Yeah, they all convinced but all for %#@!
This all be different if you had an office key, yeah

And I'm the same, on e'erything I love, or everything I love
Please pardon my integrity

What were you thinking? What was going on in your mind? "Artistic Integrity"?
Wh-where did you come up with that? You're not artistic, and have no integrity

You know you really need some help, a regular psychiatrist couldn't even help you


Check it, so, my chin's high like a Japanese pilot
They frontin', they Charles S. Dutton movin' garbage
And what you callin' that so-called hard %#@!?

None like me, like I, founded a convent
To contend my content I'm on ends meet like a vegetable omelette, see?
So the more you see, it's few ^!$$%s speakin' like me

So they put me in the box with he, and he
And them which is more of a circus than a fair
They work to get there so to work to get theirs

I'll be nothin' but a replica lookin' in the mirror
Respect still there but ya boy's right here
We apples and oranges but everybody pears

They say I'm Lupe, they say I'm Lil' Wayne
They say I'm too Jay to portray new-lay
They say I'm too nice to be a rapper

The prerequisite is gun clappin' so what happened
They label me a backpackin' ^!$$% on fashion
I laugh at 'em, though Mr. West I ain't mad at ya

See, he in his soul mode, I'm in my go go
Only thing in common is these $#[email protected]' Matsumotos
Yeah live from the SoHo, and hov told me I'd blow Joe

See I rap like a lifetime blown nose
All I know is I'm merely
Meaning I'm lesser than a god but higher up than ya'll

A lion in form, Matt Leinart when firing the ball
Pause Maya Angelou spawn, abandoned and raised by Nas
Raised by the sharks but I'm swimming with the prawns

I found my own lane, meet Mr. Folarin

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