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wale lyrics : "Ambitionz Freestyle"

Sick and tired of being under rated
So I give my love to my lady and pray for all these babies

New york city to â?¦ she hardly â?¦
My money â?¦ with all my statements
Would you rather sell a millie or be known as the greatest

Be front â?¦ or busting tables for paper
Hah, while they â?¦ in case you didn't knew
â?¦ be high like out of â?¦ school

This %#@! get critical, always gotta get â?¦
See I tried to spread the â?¦welcome to my gun and run
Misunderstood respect is â?¦ give it all my effort

â?¦ on my â?¦ necklace, â?¦changes what they expected
I just â?¦ Shawty wait till November
Be that day to remember,

Trying to chance their perception, but they â?¦
Waking up late with â?¦
Ambitionz for life, dreaming bigger than life

See [email protected][email protected] loose it all and follow that liquor advice
Dippers and â?¦ but this is life
Frequently taking lives cause they not taking advice

And I'm a spray rider, never $#[email protected] with (*##$es in â?¦
I am not in competition with these liars,
I'm tired of them ..

If y'allâ?¦ even lying in smoke

And lying and spoken â?¦

Run till she open
I'll catch my breath a little
Money aren't where I'm from

But respect is more real, and ambition the key
â?¦ I'm on my grizzly â?¦ smoking haze for days
Cooking out loud pack, yeah I can make the soufflé

Y'all ain't ready to play this big time â?¦
Got a chick â?¦ puffing out â?¦
Never embraceâ?¦ rolling with my entourage â?¦

When I saw that 28 to put me in and out of state
The mind â?¦ I get my love to these dames
But I will never give a $#[email protected]

Give it up, who I got, hope is me, hope it be
They be mad, they not real, they want fight
â?¦ look how â?¦ see, so my mama in 03 I ain't going back to school

Make some move, ambitionz I'm on a level
[email protected]^%s is working forever my â?¦ [email protected][email protected] talk..
I ain't no drug dealer, this ain't no trap lyrics

I'm just a young [email protected][email protected] caught up in this rap bizness
I ain't no drug dealer, I ain't no trap [email protected][email protected]
I'm just a young [email protected][email protected] â?¦ ambitionzâ?¦

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