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wale lyrics : "4 AM Featuring: Black Cobain"

[Intro - Wale]
Welcome to paradise
Paper planes, long flights

[Black Cobain]
Destinies fulfilled off the filling from the pillow talking

How you killing my highs I hope you built the coffin
I got virgin lungs please excuse the coughin'

Think I'm bout to blow, they call me George from Boston

Respect is never given so I confiscate it

Get acquainted with mine, I get em acclimated

Cherry red dice I'm a gambling man I'm never taking twice

Had to escape the life

This ain't for all and every people, don't compare me to rappers
I'm trying to be like The Beatles

Give me some soul money, ^!$$%s is gassed up
Tell them to keep it running,
I'm keeping the grass cut

No snakes, royalty hating ^!$$%s don't get no #~![email protected]
So it's more for me, she invited me in her mouth
You know it's cordially

we throwin' racks, she said please don't talk to me
All my ^!$$%s is winning, shout out to Charlie Sheen

I spitting bars the metronome the money machine
A money machine, of course I'm trying to
Be the king, that was part of my dream

And Wale told me $#[email protected] y'all, so we $#[email protected] y'all, we don't love yall
Loud P.O.T. above y'all, patron at 4 am, $#[email protected] the last call
The way your heard of that, the way yo heard of y'all

Thugging, Heartless and mean mugging

For when ^!$$%s don't see their seeds till they see the judges
Dark side of town, baby mama blues
When drama ensues ^!$$%s Ndamukong Suh

All lying $$# defensive $$# boys
Why you knock that (*##$ up if you can't tend it out boy?
I'm attentive my opinion is monumental

I'm here forever, these other ^!$$%s scribble in pencil
Got indelible colors, only look where they're buzzing
I'm at Dulles with luggage fly straight to the money

And you don't understand my slang my colloquial's lovely
So they quote me and love me like I'm a poet or something
Ho I kick it, I punt it like Reggie Roby or something

Shady (*##$es offend me, Reggie Smokers disgust me
Make the least of you haters, make the most of your money
Have that consistence drive long as your motor's running

I used to heat up mama house by opening ovens
Now mama see that %#@! on Oprah and know that it's coming
That's real %#@!, it's bigger than rap

My ^!$$% Co-Bizzy Virginia is back
I light up my spliff take a sip of my yack
Thinking back of when the city weren't thinking of rap

They weren't thinking of Ralph, they weren't giving a $#[email protected]
Now everywhere I go they be giving it up
I seen it all from Barry Farms to Sursum Corda

They had that rocking in Lincoln Park that's word to Mike Shinoda
Shout out to captain Ginnny and free my ^!$$% Ricky
We always pray for polo, we miss you little Benny

We skip college, chase dollars and black pennies
Not in the kingdom of Zamunda but it's mad semi's
Where bad (*##$es with bad intentions just act friendly

This where they love you then they hate you, go and ask Fenty
Yeah, go and ask Fenty
They love you then they hate you, go and ask Fenty

Go and ask Fenty, hating $$# ^!$$%, sweeter than a simply
Who got the juice ^!$$% ?
Juice ^!$$%

Juice ^!$$%
Work, work, work, work, work

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