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wale lyrics : "100 Miles & Running - DC Gorillaz"

I'm a gorrilla, I spit till the void fill up
Cause honestly I feel the radio is staright filler
If north is up and south is down

Why every five minutes ^!$$%s walkin' out?
Thats not a jab at UNK but I don't think the PD's are reasoning with us
Cause they don't think, no, they just wanna dance

And she don't want to learn, she gon' shake that little $$# while they rain with that cash
If I don't make that man there dance
That man there throw Wale on the shelf, and I lose

I'm not movin' like a cartoon
Or a harpoon to Tom Cruise with a jock tune
For every black thought I thought I cut roots

It don't feel right, so what I'm gonna do?
Its lopsided like a AA college student tryin' to undertake a D1 scholar
They need work,the freaks here makes thier knees work

Yep she's on Ex, I called that (*##$ speed burst
I plead with em, the system ain't right
Like the first Nintendo: the blinking red light

So, my thought process is all but a cartlidge
When I'm blown I can work proper
Yeah, listen up, I ain't here kissin' up

Every single single ain't a single just to hit the clubs
I am not involved, nor do I indulge in the hardest thing of poor artistry
I rock awesomley, the offspring of the flawless brings game

I'm autumn leaves: change
Photosyntheis, notice what the focus is
I move the club like a poker dealer

And most feel me like masseuse
Lyrical kama sutra
But radio ain't tryin' to follow suit

So what you've heard is the fix like super
Intendent attend them, cool cuz
It's cool cause the radio don't do much

I lead the city in requests, but don't do nuthin'
Them dudes frontin' like grills
Frontin' like Pharrell

They take a loss man, I'm all about the bills
And I'm about to fill y'all in on the real
No BDS, no deal

Y'all don't wanna tango with me
I'm dangling with E's and a straight Dave Blaine from the scene

PFKT with the lane's on the feet, you ain't know a rap ^!$$% like me
Reggie Miller Nike's, I do the right thing
Althought I missed out on them ice Brightlys

I lack jungle fever, had to black for the sneakers
Had to get my atmost feeted sleep cause
They gettin' deals with thier weak buzz

$#[email protected] it, Wale still kickin' like FIFA
So keep frontin' till my peeps come (Wew!)
Relivers put the heat to em'

Black berry and T phone
Slam X high piece on it
Damn right, them my peeps sung it

I'm gettin' cheese like my teeth touchin, and cheeks puffy
I keep it comin' ^!$$%, I'm a beast youngin'
I kick the door like police warrents

All day, Wale, D.C

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