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holiday season!
pyong! catch up!
it's gucci!

i'm in the yellow thang on the expressway
that (*##$ so nasty it might give a (*##$ road rage

get out my lane: ferrari boyz
you see the chain: so icey boyz
i'm running in a mansion but i don't think i'm fancy

but i cut the blinker on and my diamonds dancing
once upon a time, a little while ago
there was a ^!$$% in a "rari with a pretty yellow ho

got my head held up cause i think i'm handsome
but the media portraying me as charles manson
and i cut up ?

but i'd rather pull up solo in the yellow 2-seater

get out my lane! ferrari boyz
you see the chain: so icey boyz

riding in the 'rari same color as bacardi
she don't like me, shawty, man she like my car
damn near wanna $#&@ my chain, damn near wanna $#&@ my name

deep-dish rims on my horses, mane
that's how me and gucci mane claim

iced out ?
how our bandana's like santana's, screaming out

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