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WAKA FLOCKA lyrics : "50K (Remix) ft. T.I."

[Intro: Waka Flocka]
(I'm drinking champagne one deep in my phantom ghost Uh!)

[Verse 1: Waka Flocka Flame]
I'm drinking champagne one deep in my phantom ghost (Uh!)

Bad (*##$ with me wonder where my manners go (Turn Up)
My youngings sick, sick, where the antidote? (They geekin')
Aiming at your top, bust you cantaloupe (#~!!@)

He forty-six and he's still selling dope (OG)
How the $#&@ you ballin' with a car note? (How the $#&@?)
I'm in the trap, real %#@! where the felons go (Squad)

Cury never had a job, he always used a bowl (Whip it)
Them youngin's run up in your house what it's hitting for
No mask just to let you know who did it ho

I'm from Riverdale, all I know is get it in (Riverdale)
I got weed, I got mollies, what you tryin' to spend?

[Hook: Waka Flocka Flame]
50k for a show and my ^!$$%s sellin' schwag
She's a red bottom (*##$ Versace shirt, Birkin bag

I'm a get money ^!$$%, don't use the card, or keep a tab
Before I leave my $#&@ing house, grab my pistol and my flag
Thumbing through the bands I be playing with a check, uh! (x4)

[Verse 2 : Waka Flocka]
My foreign car painted flat black (Turn Up)

My girl hopped out $$# fat (Damn)
Paparazzi keep flashing pictures (Flocka)
Broke ^!$$%s looking wanna be these ^!$$%s (#~!!@)

4 grams in my Backwood (I'm smoking)
Millionaire ^!$$% still keep it hood (Riverdale)
Pay the extra 60 for that steel hood

Phantom ghost got a ^!$$% living good (Turn up)
I bet your (*##$ want a ^!$$%
(Hey come here shawty)

I bet she wanna $#&@ a ^!$$%
(Hey come here shawty)
Never be a broke ^!$$% (Hell naw)

She like "$#&@ gold!" shawty she a platinum digga


[Verse 3: T.I.]
Dope boy fresh, hell on the scale shorty

Trap ^!$$% ask Red Cross in Riverdale
(*##$ I still run the South, got them mils at the house
Bunch a bad $$# (*##$es like to chill at the house

I dont $#&@ with non of them suckers but they (*##$es on my dick
Got my youngin' with my buss at anything I tell him hit
Bought my girl a 45, told her put it in her purse

Spent 350 on a vert, made a hundred for this verse
Told Flocka you can bring this %#@! in Cash or in work
He brought 20 and a bag, I say $#&@ it that'll work

You don't want to be caught in my dope spot ^!$$%
Talkin' bout your silly (*##$ get you both shot ^!$$%


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