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Waka Flocka Flame lyrics : "Spazz Out"

I can be real nice, or I can be real mean
I can get down and dirty, or I could be real clean

I can get real quiet, or I could be real loud
Might just walk inside the club and just spazz out
(*##$es errywhere when I spazz out

Bottles here and there when I spazz out
Money everywhere when I spazz out
Then I passed out

[Verse 1: Waka]
Seven chains on me (Flex!)

I could be Mr. T (Flex!)
My boys got no limit
I could be Master P (Flocka!)

I'm so $#[email protected]' G (Uh!)
(*##$es after me (Flocka!)
Paparazzi flashin' cameras, they all over me (Flocka!)

I could be drinkin' brown (What else?)
I could be drinkin' white (Oh, what?)
Bottom triple cup, drinkin' mud plus ice

Shawty, don't lose your life
Choose your words right
You could be in the ground with worms, ^!$$%s and ground mice


[Verse 2: Chill Will]

These days I look at everything sideways

Custom street ? got them broads lookin' my way
They know Chill Will all about his dividends
Swag president, drug evidence

I'm a computer with this now, call me Dow Jones
When I compute her with your headlight in my zone
I done seen some things, touched some things you've never touched

I can roll the dice, hit numbers you ain't never bought


[Verse 3: P Smurf]
I ain't choose the game, the game chose me

So, I been playin' in the game since I was three feet
My girl wash my clothes, and O's fallin' out my jeans
Good thing she ain't find it ? behind the ? machine

Between the devil and God, I don't know who to thank
So I just try to get money, I don't care who to bank
You oughta be glad I ain't robbin' and stealin'

Cause what I'm dealin', it got the palms of my hands peelin'


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