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Waka Flocka Flame lyrics : "Southside"

C-L-A-Y-T-O-N till I die
H-A-T- till I die

Sell that weed till I die
Move that crack till I die
Claim southside till I die

Till I die, till I die
I ain't gon lie, ain't gon lie (Flocka)

[Verse 1:]
Stupid stupid swag you ca call me argentina

Run up on flocka, homie got dat nina
I will burn you boi, I'm not playin boi
U kno bout me boi, built to destroy

So icey army slash navy slash marine boys
We got hella guns, we got hella Bloods, we got hella crips, we got hella kings, we got hella folks, ^!$$%s sell [email protected]%!e
Sum sell pillz, sum sell weed

We got what u need, and we work dem M's (*##$
Dem (*##$es drilled em, hoes killed em
Ask about flocka all the gurls feel him

And they dig him, yes they love him
But they dirty, u can't really trust them
^!$$%s at yo front, ^!$$%s at yo back door,

They even at yo window, heard u got da kinfolk


[Verse 2:]
Dick me? pipe me? naw daz unlikely

Cause jail (I ain't gon hav dat)
Parole (I ain't gon hav dat)
Da yard (I ain't gon hav dat)

Da barz (I ain't gon hav dat)
Eastside (ain't gon hav dat)
Westside (ain't gon hav dat)

Northside (ain't gon hav dat)
Southside (ain't gon hav dat)
[X2] think about watchu doin if you run up on me


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa