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Waka Flocka Flame lyrics : "Rumors"

They wanna see me dead puttin prices on my head
Spreadin rumors round town like I fell down

They cant hold me down they cant stop my shine
They cant block my grind shawty its game time
Pyru for life breads off the elms ^!$$% ian big on lick

Cause ian been to the mother land here I stand grown $$#
Man gun in my hand ion fear no man FLOCKA!!!

[Verse 1]
These ^!$$%s $#[email protected] trippin second guess am I livin
Better tell em I'm gone kill em twenty bags and tell em

Come get em make ya boy scared to say nun him
I thank that I scared him I swear to god
Dont fear them these ^!$$%s straight trippin

Thinkin that I'm slippin pull it out
Then I'm rippin my whole click
Itchin lookin for the $#[email protected] victum

Free my partner isum tunnel $#[email protected] vision
I swear to god on jesus christ I dnt $#[email protected] hear em


[Verse 2]

These ^!$$%s say they kilt me and kidnapped my daughter
Ion even got no daughter they mad cause imma baller
And they hoes a caller you know that imma stall her

Then dick her and ball her then never ever call her
Grind hard like my mother I'm the problem solver AR
Or revolver you hard then I am harder stop actin like a killer

You #[email protected] $$# ^!$$% you aint wanna murder
Thats why I'm still alive ^!$$% BRICKSQUAD!!!


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa