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Waka Flocka Flame lyrics : "Real Recognize Real"

Aye, I be turnt up
Aye, I be turnt up

I hit hard like Sam Gumby
Kick game like I'm brand winning
Too inhibit, psychological termen

Either rap or no Jeffrey Dom
It's over Riverdale, Grove Street
Just a big Z, no I'm on the map

Put my hood, G's up
Bees up and hoes down
M.O.B. money over (*##$es

Can't get down to these #[email protected] ^!$$%s
Don't $#[email protected] 2 things, police is snitches
Small glass man, no Willie Lynches

I'm a style but paper got me feelin richer
You know, so my dogs got all locked up
Just last night we were turnt up

Poppin bottles and a ^!$$% like what
14000 in the air, pick it up
Next morning call the plane, now we locked up

[email protected]%& [email protected]#$ I thought that $#[email protected] up


See when I tell a ^!$$% man you take gun was alike
Still tryin, don't know what the $#[email protected] gon happen man
5 hours later, 3 hours later

You know, 30 minutes later
You know, this %#@! be crazy ^!$$%
You gotta hold your $$# ^!$$%, you know what I mean

Every (*##$ that look bad
^!$$% ain't gonna be good for you ^!$$%
Skip a ho ^!$$%

You know I don't know right rims, or mine factory
Man I wear to a plain jane ^!$$%
Get your mother$#[email protected] head here, planned on me



I put yo dick in the dirt, make yo mama cry
Put you in that black box, wear the suit and tie
$#[email protected] with Waka Flocka, dough house outside they gon while

3 3 3 350000 when I drove by
Every chance I get, shorty I just turn up
Make the wrong move, Bruster he gon burn ya

Bullets beat your chest
Slap yo face like turnup
They like Waka really not that hard

'Cause all he talkin bout er
I'm like boy I wish you try it
Hollow tip your diet

Turn this $#[email protected] club into a mother$#[email protected] riot
Every time yo baby mama see a ^!$$% she excited
Every she want and need in this world I can buy it

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