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Waka Flocka Flame lyrics : "Hard N Da Paint"

I can't forget da southside
Can't forget riverdale

I can't forget the hit squad
1017 brick squad

Lebron flocka james
I go hard in da muh$#[email protected] paint ^!$$%


I go hard in da muh$#[email protected] paint ^!$$%

Leave you stankin ^!$$%
What da $#[email protected] you thinkin ^!$$%
I won't die fo this %#@! or what da $#[email protected] I say

Front yard broad day with da sk
See gucci that's my muh$#[email protected] ^!$$%
I hang in da dale with them hit squad killas

Waka flocka flame one hood $$# ^!$$%
Riding real slow in the corners in my ^!$$%

Gotta main (*##$ (and) got a mistress
A coupla girlfriends, I'm so hood rich
Keep my dick hard and keep me smoking

You get bills free shawty no joking

Aye what I stand fo

Brick squad
I'm a die fo dis shawty I man I swear to god

In da trap with some killas and some hood ^!$$%s
Where you at where your trap you ain't hood ^!$$%

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa