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Waka Flocka Flame lyrics : "Gun Sounds"

RING ALARM! dem boys in town
LIKE JOC, lay dat #[email protected] ^!$$% down

I don't talk, I don't laugh, I just frown
From da eagle 2 da choppa, luv dat gun sound
[x2] luh dat gun sound, luh dat, luh dat gun sound

Waka Flocka Flame or just murdaman FLOCKA!

[Verse 1:]
Run up on gucci ya might loose ya life
I'll do 7, you in heaven I won't think twice

Murdaman flocka I keep a heavy choppa
I'm down with so icey I'm a real top shotta
Lite skin rasta, move like da mobstaz

Rob yo $$# for ganja so giv it up potna
I hang with da killers, we go ape like gorillaz
Yes I gon rob you and then we mite kill you

Alwayz missin breakfast, eatin on sum cereal

[Repeat Hook:]

[Verse 2:]

We street thuggin wut da $#[email protected] is corporate thuggin?
Homey betta stop all dat mean muggin
I say 2 words, shawty buss

Luv 2 trap, luv 2 cuss
I'll talk 2 a ^!$$% b4 I puttem in da dirt
Tellem wdf he did and why da [email protected]*@k he gettin murked

50 rounds strapped make your life line flat
(Run up on dat ^!$$%) why da [email protected]*@k deez ^!$$%z hatin

[Repeat Hook:]

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