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Waka Flocka Flame lyrics : "Danny Glover (Freestyle)"

2 door coupe, 400 chips
Jacob watch cost two bricks
Throw another rack, she doin' splits

I got a bag of molly's, know she wanna lick
Make a girl kiss a girl
Turnin %#@! and the molly whirl

And then she geekin off them drugs
Makin faces like Lil Durk
Don't need a couple of me cus I know I know I'm the %#@!

All this ice on me, I'm froze in ths (*##$
Look like if someone dope, ^!$$%s throw him in this (*##$
All these girls wanna $#[email protected] like gold on my dick

NY dope boy, you know this %#@! nitty
His Rolex tickin, that ^!$$% counterfeit
This from the tribe (*##$, come and free ride dibs

I only blow gas, don't $#[email protected] with the mix
Diamonds flashin like paparazzis takin pictures
I dont $#[email protected] with lames, I $#[email protected] with real goons killers all my ^!$$%s they the realest

Flockaveli 2 on the way, I see these #[email protected] ^!$$%s catchin' feelings
That fresh and new, it's just business, I'm the illest
Come $#[email protected] with me, let's make millions


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa