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Waka Flocka Flame lyrics : "Bustin' at 'Em"

Bow, bow, bow, bow
Shoot first, ask questions last

That's how these so called gangsta's last
Waka Flocka Flame 1017

Bow, bow, bow, bow
(*##$ I'm bustin' at 'em

Ain't no talkin' homie
I'm just bustin' at 'em

[Verse 1]
I been gettin' this, since back then like my name was Gillie
Grow a sumo on my face, call me Flocka-Philly

^!$$% what's the deally, lemme know what's brackin'
Ain't no cameras round here, ^!$$% stop that actin'
(*##$ I'm 'bout that action, subtract 'em like a fraction

Everybody packin, like Nick Minaj $$#
Kush smell like garbage, ^!$$% pay some homage
Then got a hood, now that (*##$ call me finest

Mizay Management %#@! that my mother
Yella diamonds fuzzy chain %#@! that (*##$ like butta
(*##$ I'm like no other, rap ^!$$%

You can call me cut throat-ass trap ^!$$%


[Verse 2]
KY Engineerin', fuzzy got 'em steerin'

Fuzzy diamond earin's, M6 what I'm steerin's
Woke up to next year in, bring back diamond earin's
That some John Dearin, ^!$$% who you scarin'

Shorty I'm tatted up, you can call me inky
All I do is get brains, you can call me pinkie
My gooch is like winky, right ^!$$%

I got my swag up, right ^!$$%
I heard they got a price tag on a ^!$$% head
You got a better chance snitchin', ^!$$% goin feds

You dug your own grave, let me make your jail bed
Suicide shorty shot his own self red, Riverdale

Waka Flocka Flame!
Bricksquad! Flocka!

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