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WAKA FLACKA FLAMES lyrics : "Oh Let's Do It"

I $#&@ed my money up, damn
Now I can't re-up
Ran up in his spot just to get my stacks up

Now I'm back on deck,
So shawty what the $#&@ you want
Heard he talkin %#@! but this ain't what the $#&@ he want

Locked my CEO up
Now it's back to !@%!a
^!$$%s talkin %#@! bruh, hang him by a ropa

Hit em with the choppa
Call that %#@! hot lava
Call me waka flocka aka young wild ^!$$%

Aka young drug dealer
Got purp, got kush, got pills got white
In the trap all night with the hard and the soft

Stacks on the flo' watch me kick dat ^!$$% doe in
Shook it to the left then he shook it to the right
So icey brick boys got it all night

These lame $$# ^!$$%s ain't got no fight
Kick in my door we gon shoot out all night
Home of he Braves shawty shoot em with a K

O let's do it

O let's do it
O let's do it

YEAH, drug dealin music
I influence

I influence

1 shot man down
His brains go ka-pow
Ow, that %#@! hurt

So don't $#&@ around
But that happen often off in riverdale georgia
You gone pay the life you live off in riverdale georgia

They gone lay yo $$# out rock you to sleep like a baby
Hit squad shawty in the hood we got them babies
Ever since they killed my ^!$$% Travis start poppin pills and actin crazy

Ever since they killed my ^!$$% Travis start poppin pills and actin crazy

You know me ^!$$%

I am the block
It's Riverdale... and Waka Flocka
We got the glocks whips and the knots

Catch me in different states bustin down bricks
Bustin down bricks with that chick you fell in love with

We on that thug %#@! give a $#&@ about love I'm cruel (*##$
Keep my money on my mind not you (*##$
Everyday shawty pull up in a new whip

In the trap shawty said he need another one
Told em call lil waka and he said"WHAT THE !#@* U WANT"
Pull up in the dump followed by a yellow one

So icey feddi gang #~!!@ keep them tommy guns

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