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Wade Bowen lyrics : "Tired Of Being Alone"

Sunday rolled around and I'm alone again
I picked up the phone and I started to call
I dialed your number, let it ring a couple of times

And hung it up 'cause I was just too scared

Hardly a day goes by I don't think about you

I know it's been so long
I've still got the memories way down inside my heart
And I wonder if I'll ever love like that again

Well I'm tired of being alone
I want to rest my weary head

And I want to know if love is real
I want to feel the passion
And the smile upon my face

Of my sweet baby in my arms
Loneliness is a lonely song and
I've been singing it way too long

I'm so tired of being alone

I've had people tell me that they're tired

They been hearing my sob story way too long
They say I need to find someone
If only I would try

Oh but I've been trying way too long

Chorus (x2)

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