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Wade Bowen lyrics : "Somewhere Beautiful"

I told u i'm takin over ya'll

Lemme holla at u first seconds

Huh, listen

Sittin in the parkin lot

Waitin on you to come threw
I know this u were at the bar
And i know that u know this me to

I'm not tryna spit some games
But i really wanna know ur name
U gotta a pretty little face to blame

What the help of a crazy frame

So should i ask her if she's down

(ooooorrr should i wait)
Until she leaves and goes arround
(hey watchin her turn all up in down)

I'm not believen what i see
(shes steady walkin straight to me)
Here's ma chance to let her know

That i'm the way that this girl needs to go

Girl, i wanna take u home wid me

Even though i don't know who u are
I jus wanna get up in ur space
And show u how i get down and then

I wanna take you by the hand
And let u know u found a man
Fullfill ur needs i know i can

And u know that i'm ya man

Uh so lets lets lets go

Lets lets lets go back to my spot girl
Ey, uh
So lets lets letsl go

Lets lets lets go go go go go

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