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W.A.S.P. lyrics : "The Heretic (The Lost Child)"

These fits of depression are torturing me
The lives that I seen won't breathe again
A sad child of madness, they'll never be free

Born again to die, the agonies begin
And soldiers keep coming - like warriors they die
But gangland's alive when mothers cry

'Cause hate's blind addictions, a killing machine
And it burns on the fuel of shattered lives
Lost child, lost child

The seeds of all evil are sown in their minds

And harvest the sad fields of woe
'Cause dead boys are martyrs
That live on forever

But now it's too late for their souls
Standing on sanities too fragile edge
And worship the "Lord Of The Flies"

And wade through the slaughter
You've made of thy brother
And drown in his blood then when he dies

You see in their eyes
They're the lost child

See in their eyes
You see in their eyes
They're the lost child

See in their eyes

Don't turn out the lights

'Cause there's demons in the night
And they prey on the fears in us all
They hide inside and wait

And they shun the light of day
The screams in their dreams fill us all

Children of the night
Such a sad tune they rhyme
The bloody boys that sing a wicked song

And for all of them they're just memories in the wind

Rise and see

It's the dawn of insanity
Keeper of the gates of fire
And the Heretic has said

You don't have to be afraid
'Till I - till I come to get ya
And child in time

On the swords edge you ride
And cast a spell of Heresy
And die in vain

Like a wild dog in chains
And no one can save
Or set you free

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