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W.A.S.P. lyrics : "The Burning Man"

Hang man coming better run to save your
Kids, your wives, your lives, your babies
Hang the wire round the necks of liars alright

Rain man on fire from the hells of Hades
I see your face inside the blazes
Hang'em higher come breathe the fire all night

Oh run, run Daddy got a shotgun
On your knees tonight

And never return
Oh run, run Daddy's riding shotgun
On your knees to die

The devil's begging to burn

You better run

Hang high your burning man of prey
You're gonna burn
Ooh, hang your burning man and pray

You never live to see him burn again

The seed you sow coming home to hate you

Breathe your greed is there non to save you
Hang the liar red with fire alright
A great seal to kneel for domination

Kill their king you think they'd save you
Give me fire and kill the liar all night

Ash to ash, dust to be
Face in flames, your [email protected]$)ee
The night time sky and see

The burning man's a liar

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa