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W.A.S.P. lyrics : "Helldorado"

I hear the motor running
Burning up the road

Fire in the smoke
And I say "Hell yeah!!"
I say "Hell yeah!!"

Ooh she's a monster
Take me on home
This ain't no joyride

Do you wanna go?
This ain't your Daddy's Oldsmobile, no!
I hear the beast a-coming

To get another load
Of fire and brimstone
Do you wanna go?

And I say - Hell yeah!!
I say - Hell yeah!!
Ooh it's a monster

Rolling me (on) home
This ain't no joyride
No, no oh

Do we get a driver?
You bet your $$# we do!

Tonight - It's all over now
Ooh, Hell's just one mile down the road
Goodbye - it's all over now (so long)

My Helldorado's goin home

Take me to Hell

Cause I'm going there
Hot rods to Hell

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa