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W.A.S.P. lyrics : "Asylum #9"

[Doctor "D" Are you insane?
To Jesse] Welcome to the Asylum
House of true enchanted minds

ItÂ's the happiest place on earth
For the violent
We almost lost ya

But we caught ya in time

[The Nurses] YouÂ're here for life Â? life

[Doctor "D"] IÂ'll fix ya right Â? right
[The Nurses] Gimme your life Â? life
[Doctor "D"] ItÂ's all you gotta do

[The Nurses] IÂ'll give you life Â? life
[Doctor "D"] IÂ'll make it right Â? right

[The Nurses] YouÂ're here for life Â? life
[Doctor "D"] I wanna welcome you

[Doctor "D" Are you in pain
To Jesse] Or just merely misguided?
Tell me of the demons youÂ've inside

IÂ'll shrink where you think
Till youÂ're fears are subsiding
IÂ'm your physician slash

Magician of minds

[The Nurses] Asylum # 9

[Doctor "D"] Oh Â? no running away
There ainÂ't no place to hide
[The Nurses] Asylum # 9

[Doctor "D"] Oh- IÂ'm your physician with a mission in mind
Oh- IÂ'm your healer IÂ'm your stealer of minds

[Jesse to I saw my father and me
Doctor "D"] No pain in the Well of Sighs
And I- I wanna die so IÂ'm free

My Well where wishing dies

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