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W.A.L.E. lyrics : "Passive Aggres-Her"

My home girl told me I got an issue
With women with issues

I guess I got my own and I can relate to them, you know
The irony in it
When you get what you want, you don't always want it

[Verse 1:]
Temptation, I'm done waitin'

I'm done thinking, this ain't enough drinking
I'm in love with a lady who crazy
Maybe it's cause of the way that she praise me

I ain't used to it, she got that hot love
I try to lay low, she like to pop up
I try to make the most of it, beat the box up

I make the #~!!@ wet, I make the heart bust
Good pipe make a girl to a good wife
Good morning wood, I just need a termite

Riding though my hood tryna see where I'm at
She can't be in my face, then she be on my back
Like, "where you at wale?"

Or "where is that wale?", "who you with wale?"
When I'm back she be like "you the %#@!, wale."
She crazy, that stalker %#@!

Every one of her home girls so talkative
No time for that, no acknowledgment
Think it's time you and I need to call it quits

Look, need to call it quits
You be on that stalker %#@!
Look, I tried to call it quits

Until she came trench coat and a thong and %#@!

I am like a !@%@
So lead me to the wall

I am yours to own, you know
Don't be a pacifist
Cause girl it turns me on

Girl it turns me on
Girl I know you like that, you crazy
But I think I like that, just maybe

I ain't tryna fight back, but baby
If I go inside that, you'll hate me

Baby when I like that, I know it's crazy
Bite me and I bite back, and call it love
And you know I like that, you say you hate me

You bite me and I bite back, and call it love

[Verse 2:]

Temptation, starting to sink in
As I indulge in an instinct I'm fadin'

I'm in love with a woman who is crazy
Maybe it's cause of the way that she chase me
The more liquor around, the more I'm in love

The less clothes you got, the less I want to talk
But that throat she got have a ^!$$% stuck
And I be putting it down so she ain't giving up

She call a ^!$$% too much cause she don't get enough
She never ready to go so she forever come
I lick her up, she love it

I know I'm $#&@ing up
I like it cause she a ten, but she say I'm the one
Like "settle down, wale."

Look, "right now, wale.", "I'm in love, wale."
"guess I ain't nothing but a quick nut, wale."
She crazy, but I attract to it

All the insane (*##$es so passionate
What they they lack in trust, they make up in lust
And it don't really make sense until the draws is off

She is far bizarre
I be leading her on
I be deeping her up, said the d is a drug

Shawty feinding for love, I be feeding her lust
I be needing to leave, but I be needing to nut
Never need it enough


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