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W.A.L.E. lyrics : "FUCK YOU"

[Verse 1: Wale]

Uh Yea

Yea Uh

Real ^!$$% pardon whoever feel different

Only feel sorry for crack babies and rape victims
Pushing my way to the top
But this time it feel different

DC ain't been this hot since Ronald Reagan made a killing
Ambition mixing liquor with life's lemons
Despite my dark days I feel I'm the brightest of thinkers

Frequently hated either that or misunderstood
But a wise woman told me it's okay to know you're good
They call it arrogance

But I think it's passionate
And I think this happens when you rap and don't exaggerate
Shawty open your soul

Pray that protools agree though
Me and my pupils is mutual they not focused as me though
See my flow is the nicest

And my ho is the baddest
And the sex will lock her down see my stick is the gavel
Catalog growing rappers skedaddle move over

She reluctantly $#&@ing
She's an adamant blower
I'm a passionate poet

Moonlight as rapping Folarin
Horse is missing on my Polo cause my tag is enormous
I ain't @@#!y I'm just proud of me

So why these ^!$$%s acting like I ain't allowed to be

[Hook] x2
$#&@ you when a ^!$$% in the room give a ^!$$% room

^!$$% $#&@ you yea just you
Tell them people we ain't leaving go adjust dude

[Verse 2]
Real ^!$$% pardon whoever feel different
How I grow to be 5'8

But it's still my little ^!$$%s
Chanel slippers on my (*##$es like you go love
And I love your brain but I think I'll never know enough

Argue with twitter ^!$$%s who insignificant
But its just simply my interest to intricately rid up you ^!$$%s
Proud of it all defensive $#&@ I'm rocking alone

Say what you want I'm Immature like Roger go home
Hard headed hot headed I admit it
But I'll be damned if they defeat me like a $#&@ing prosthetic

Ha Wale you so arrogant
Rozay told me break a leg no wonder why I care again
Stunting in a pair of Tiffs I don't mean a pair of Tims

Two (*##$es named Tiffany I left them with a pair of kids
Rare %#@! trend setting yea I be the best
OD'd on that Mitchell-Ness you thought it was '03 again

Hold up yea we the best
Roll wit Ace Khaled and them
Roll up ^!$$%s be like sex

Don't you leave a seed in there
Reading %#@! my critics say
Pitchfork doesn't need a plate

Not hungry for my poetry
They fasting they won't leave me ate
Six and a half

Optimistic this isnt bad its different now
Before the faith ^!$$%s was wam
Carelessly whispering all they nickel opinions at me

Tell all my haters call they neighbor get they minions at me
A couple labels threw some millions yet they still ain't grab me
^!$$%'s talk they'd attacked me but wouldn't steal a taxi

Ha and I ain't smug I'm just proud of me
Why they acting like a ^!$$% ain't allowed to be

[Hook] x2


Ambition is definitely on the way

Eleven One Eleven

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