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W.A.L.E. lyrics : "Don't Hold Your Applause"

La La La La La 4x

Verse 1:

Uh inspired by women ^!$$%s say that I treat them different
^!$$%s be (*##$es hoes be (*##$es I don't see no difference
Shawty my aim is different me see my english ify

Solo I be but I be on my feet I got the angels with me
Tired of making money I'm on a making history
$#&@ how they feel I keep %#@! realer than a documentary

%#@! I be feeling like real ^!$$%s don't make it to fifty
and I be feeling micheal martin a part with the femi
Stay focused on chicken my quarters on fidget

Don't trust no she brothers don't trust no dirty (*##$es
sipping mascoto with models having exotic dishes
but it don't mean %#@! unless I know that my genre respected

I deserve appraise, I deserve applause,
Draws by bad broads when ever the curtains calls
It's hard work no days off

I'm on a great run wale for long

Shawty they always talk to me

Man shanty these (*##$es in awe for me
Make sure they give them an argument
That they know we on

Don't ever hold a applause for me 5x (wale)

Verse 2:

GQ man of the year cudi drizzly and me
Wanna wait for a lil let my wisdom increase
When you win in obese

All your haters fatigue
Got me counting my blessing it took me haiti to see
When you rapping how you rapping (*##$es pack up and leave

When you rapping how I'm rapping they faltio free
I was pacing myself hope you patient as me
Plus I got a lot of ^!$$%s aint make it to see it

We black ^!$$%s with ambitious they gonna respect it
And I know I'm kinda vein but what real ^!$$% isn't
I'm trying to style on some (*##$es and keep it intraspectict

I'm trynna stunt on em like everybody that second guessed it(wale)


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