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W.A.L.E. lyrics : "Chain Music"

[Verse 1: Wale]
DMV up, roll up and kick my feet up
This %#@! was for a ticket, man

I call that %#@! that free lunch
I tell a ho to speed up
She slow and she can keep up

We know we always out
But somehow they would never see us
Peep her gold chain, hoes changed, I didn't

They say that karats help your vision
But somehow it made them listen
No this ain't silver, this is my dilemma

Arrogant when I finish
I came from humble beginnings
So it's nothing to finish

I put my hundred percent in
Put my pride in the pen, cuh
And modify your opinion

Trying to give them light and a message
But you rather have some $#&@ing V.V.S.'s
She said I'm charming and I meant it

But she was talking about my pendant
I got geechi on her, came back with thirty chains
Now she attentive, I bet she listen to everything

Straight geechi on her, came back with eighty chains
Now them silly (*##$es calling me like everyday

[Hook: Wale X2]
Now them broads gon' follow
(Chain so big, can't pop my collar)

Silly (*##$es gon' follow
(Chain so big, can't pop my collar)
Straight geechi on 'em

You talking greasy
Best believe they gon' see it, darling
Geechi on 'em

Straight geechi on 'em
Let's keep it G, nobody see you when you being humble

[Verse 2: Wale]
Look, she so stingy with ##&*%$
But why it open when them ^!$$%s get to shining?

I was hoping you would notice where my mind at
Put money in the book, I bet these (*##$es wouldn't find it
Look, okay this chain music, $#&@ how them lame's do it

You chained to it, your brain has been way too influenced
I been dope, cold ^!$$% for sure ^!$$%
But where I'm from there ain't no love for no broke ^!$$%

She seen that geechi %#@!, ain't been to church since
Pray to whoever got on the biggest of crucifix
Lord Lord forgive us, personality clash

And my license is suspended, so I hide it
I don't spend it, did I get y'all attention?
She can't escape the chain, shoutout to Mrs. Tubman

Shoutout to Maybach Music, my logic is getting money
Spitting something real, let the people know, and still love it
Shady flow: Johnny Cage, chain flow: Johnny Dang

Ben Baller, six bottles, talk with such expensive slang
I got geechi on 'em, now they notice a ^!$$%
So who that chain change? It ain't both of us ^!$$%

I got geechi on her, came back: a hundred chains
And now these geechi mother f-ckers all know my name
Geechi on her, came back: a million chains

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