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VON HERTZEN BROTHERS : Open Water Stormy Weather lyrics

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VON HERTZEN BROTHERS lyrics : "Open Water Stormy Weather"

open water

people oh people how sad oh how sad

your ego and envy
oh people oh people so cold oh so cold
you're all feeling empty and alone

people oh people no way there's no way
you're safe in this riot

oh people oh people whatever you say
we fail to be quiet and behave

life is an opportunity
for you and for me
to define harmony

life is an opportunity
to throw away the key
to your negativity

people oh people now when will you learn?
get the picture?

oh people oh people you have to return
back to nature

'cause life is an opportunity
to realize that

yes there's something real behind the glitter
oh yes there's something sweet under the bitter
'cause i have seen this world

and it's a? well it's a god damn gutter

open water stormy weather

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