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VIVIAN GREEN : Music lyrics

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VIVIAN GREEN lyrics : "Music"

[Verse 1:]
As far back as I recall
You've played a major part

Inspired me to see my place, in life
You give me reason to create
Everyday is brand new

There's something you introduce
And you've touched me in those places
That no one but you can reach

You take me to this high

I feel like I can fly
The melodies you send me (la da da da da da)
The music of my heart

The music of my mind
The music of my soul, the music in me

[Verse 2:]
And here I am at this place
I've tried to get to all my life

Where I can give you all my love, so much
Where many people we can touch
I won't disappoint you

Show me the world I'll go with you
No limitations to our journey
Please help me be all I can be

[Hook twice]

I've been in love with you(with you)
with you all my life(all my life)

Through everything it's been just you and I(you and I)
You know my thoughts, what is deep inside
You allow me to interpret them through you


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