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VIRTUOSO : Two lyrics

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VIRTUOSO lyrics : "Two"

(feat. Ali Bey, Hashim Misah)

[Ali Bey]

Judas did it for the money and so do these world leaders
they cheat us like George Bush at the polls
they hearts must be cold like the winds of the poles

either that or they lack soul spilling red blood for black gold
human sacrifice, make me wonder bout nine eleven
what they doin' in the heavens on that space station

and we buggin off grand theft auto
for the playstation, what you got faith in
the book of revelations, or media publication

if you ask certain people they all fabrication
congratulations, to anyone who found they life's purpose
the earth is perfect but the world is flawed

mistakes are a part of life just learn from yours
they making weapons out of germs for war
AIDS bombs straight through your front door

and I'm sure they got a cure, what they hiding it for?
I've learned greed is a [email protected]^% with abcess sores
I wouldn't go in her raw, or even touch her

up in hell's kitchen trying to get a little supper
hunger pains is a mother, but whatever don't kill us make us tougher

why do you, want to split our world in two
people tell me true, what are you trying to do? [x2]

[Hashim Misah]
I'm out for presidents to represent me

and I ain't talking bout Bush, he got paper cause his fam is crooks
man they push more weight then Jay-Z
off the books and Dick Cheney stay in beef like P, caught in a jux

so felonious, masonic monks and I ain't talking bout Thelonious
look at the signs, study the times
to make the stock market climb the army get on the grind

punks jump up in a war get creamed like calomine
on the blocks youths slang rocks like kids in Palestine
it's all unraveling like a dutch, pal o' mine

get your %#@! straight, cause death spreads quicker than hate
gossip in the hood or c-i's upstate
kid it's easy to get busted down, trusting in clowns

don't trust every body cause their flesh is brown
I seen devils darker than Wes Snipes banging them pipes
sixteen heated rounds like a heavy-weight fight

taking the life of the innocent, scandalous place we livin' in
tuff love, making plans with omnipotent
cause we true soldiers, and gettin' older

I got a queen who got my back lifting the world off my shoulders
it's all about family, once you start overstanding me
they can't control us...

and we ain't talking g.i. joe bro' it's more like cobrah

[Hook x2]

From the cradle to the time that your able to watch cable

my fam pray to save you my son these are the days you
oughta cherish, with faults greater than our merits
we launch $$#aults from which the salt of the earth could perish

mostly over which parrish or mosque you attend
why let religion tear us apart we all men
or are we the worst kind of animals?

lifeless mechanical, selfish tyrannical
like their leader, with heaters aimed for the slaughter
powerful because he has the same name as his father

both engaging, in insider trading and nepotism
they so concerned with the weapons system
when will the lesson hit them

there's only so much atmosphere around this astral sphere
so if your blasting there something will happen here
thunder claps the air, poison gas that's clear

invades our oxygen, venomous toxins in
your blood like bites from venomous moccasins
men have been talking in, riddles for too long

proving who's strong not planning to move on
we used Saddam to bruise Iran
confusion ensued to who we'd choose to bomb
conducting operas, $#&@ giving choppers ta'
them cats who's gats are now busting shots at ya'

they trying to topple your regime, the gestapo with the cream
got plots to cop nukes from russian mafia
by who's poll is George Bush popular?
that's not my leader cheater never would have fought for ya'
you just the lesser of two evils

who both want the first holocaust since Hitler called jews evil
why do people need biological weapons
they must wanna get in final conflict armmagedon

[Hook x2]

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