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VIRTUOSO lyrics : "The Reaper"

If time dont fear the reaper, neither do the sun nor the wind and the rain
then maybe things will be as they were

except after death there will be no pain, for a change
still I wonder why, if we can laugh and cry
get high and pass the lie, why do we have to die?

because there's two sides to life the dark and light
pray that your god dont stop your heart tonight

Since I was a toddler I'd ask my father
if were all gonna die why do we bother
trying to go farther than the last martyr

exploring more of the earth than man has chartered?
it gets harder everyday just for starters
the greedy don't barter they just steal and starve ya'

thank god I, caught this like Gary Carter or Tim McCarver
and learned I gotta think smarter
we oughta, take advantage of the part a'

the refined design we find we're offered
cause time bends like the bow of an archer
my mind tends to be grim like Clive Barker

cause when your caught in the web like Peter Parker
you'll see the mark of the reaper is even darker
than the heart of a black -hole that's unchartered

swallowing bright light rays the sun started

[Hook: x2]

It's inevitable that death will get you
whether a sick chick with AIDS sex you

or a clip spit and weapons wet you
if it can happen to best friends and Seanie's gone
I wonder will tomorrow be the day that mommies gone

my greatest dream is she win her fight with the cancer
taking each day by day in life is the answer
they told her she had only few months to live

but she didn't give up, a few years later here she is
still alive and it gives me the illest vibe
loved gramps still he died I'm itching to kill a guy

why, so many !@#( frontin', they trying to push my buttons
!@$)gots that's good for nothing always wanna prove there something
your mother had to carry you for nine months

but I could bury you by squeezing a nine once
so be sure to the core before you take a life
cause someone had to give birth, nurture and make a life

wake up to feed and love a screaming baby late at night
so take my advice, two wrongs don't make a right
I've danced with the devil by the moonlight

while death swept fingers on the harp and played a tune like
I don't fear the reaper, neither do the sun nor the wind or the rain
but death $#&@s with your soul like ether

you come to take my life I'll put a slug in your brain...

[Hook: x2]

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