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VIRTUOSO : Fahrenheit 911 lyrics

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VIRTUOSO lyrics : "Fahrenheit 911"

(feat. Slaine)


You told the soldiers fight for god got them slaugthering kids
now they sick taking naked flicks at Abu Ghraib
this is, a step back, not evolution for the torturer

let's fight for resolution revolution through a orchestra
there's more to the, regime change than democracy
hipocrisy so the elite can keep their monopoly

why so few control so much of the wealth
how you gon' stop corporate criminals you are one yourself
in business with the Bin Ladens rich off of Enron

Iraq building contracts to Cheney is dead wrong
and Rumsfeld don't even know how a guns held
let him fight his own battles [email protected]$)got wouldnt shoot one shell

but they'll recruit high-schools for young kids
give 'em guns with lasers make them run up in some crib
to take a hostage no rights in Guantanamo

we onto those snakes, make them fall like dominoes
cause now they talking 'bout delaying the election
scare us with terror alerts and say it's for protection

won't let the U.N. count the votes afraid cause we are destined
to take away their power break away from their oppression
tell those masons we aint with their segregation

we want mind elevation, health care legislation
worldwide medication, answers why they not interrogating
Bin Ladens family just taking them back

to the Saudi's then they hit us with the patriot act
we want proof where's the truth start facing the facts
where's the bombs that Saddam used to make in Iraq

your either stupid or a liar start facing the fact, that...


You have no god, you have no armor
to defend your father who made this Osama
been paid from Bin Ladens, Saddam and the Taliban

so whose oil are you putting in your caravan? [x2]


You know that I'm the type to fight I'm willing to brawl
if it still isn't right we can kill 'em all
we can go to war, with all these mother$#&@ers in the sand

we can take it to the Saudi's now we make 'em understand
the working class jerking that M-60
but if I'm going out $#&@ it I'm taking them with me

but tell me which lies, are the generated push lies
from the reagan administration on down to these Bush guys
manipulate the media, make it like you switched sides

economics trickle down, greedier rich guys
are tickled pink and it's sick to think
while we eatin' chicken wings

thinking how to stick the Brink's sicker things
are happening it's not inside of my head
we can't get Osama now so here's Saddam instead

sand battle fields are bloody and they're rotten and red
while Al Qaeda got a camera and there choppin our heads
and this is your America mine has never been Oil

Mr.Bush no we never made the president royal
so put your crown on that ground
the same ground that gave you your dollars and pounds

rupels and your yen
and look what you've created sir cause truly you are them
there's a 911 america the president is them

with his hand on the bible watch the devil in his sin
when his blood spills know that he was never innocent, No!

[Hook x2]


Lemme explian why my heart is in pain
you trade lives for loot and claim fair market exchange
while my man from the block hit the marines at seventeen

exposed his soul to horrible killings he's never seen
lost more than fifty pounds trekking cross the desert ground
Afghanistan he's soon to hit Iraq with heavy weapon rounds

yo E rep your town cause the bean for your back
I'm just heated at the current regimes scheme of attack
the president dodged drafts, drive drunk and sniffed cane
and claim Clinton should have been impeached for dicking chicks brains
they think insane and it's plain that their priorities

stealing Florida by blocking votes from minorities
they want police state authority, !#@$ mind control conformity
a world war like when we stormed Normandy
Cheney's the brain he's doctor evil with a broke heart
Bush senior runs the country junior couldn't run a go-kart

they start wars and use our tax to but their bombs
they're crazy rich from alcohol tobacco and firearms
and Bin Laden ain't gon' never get handled man
only wanted to build a pipeline through Afghanistan
Osama's father launder more cash

everytime we pour gas, while ghetto youth catch bullets in they poor $$#
how can we compete when their base is the elite?
well I guess our only option is to take it to the streets
the last thing we wanted was to reach a civil war
but if our $$# ain't living free, then what are we living for?

the last thing we wanted was to start a civil war
but if our $$# ain't living free what the $#&@ are we living for?!?!

[Hook x2]

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