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VIRTUOSO : Crematorium lyrics

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VIRTUOSO lyrics : "Crematorium"

Am I advanced life form or primitve animal
I bite brains like hannibal, brandish two, spiked head crowbars to hammer you
I'm tyrannical, on the rhythm I'm mechanical

natural antidote sanicle, hydro-botanical
I spin records like dreidels in tornados
so play those on turntables the crematorium burn labels

your hilarious, your position is precarious
I'm nefarious, spread malaria through areas
snipe your alias, if your life is vicarious

tight lariats on your skull pulled by chariots
with various, violent yanks the heretic
start tearing it, off your shoulders to bury it

slash fangs beyond your gangleon
a christ like life except the mic is the cross that they hang me on
your satan, a comedian, split you like a median

volcanically erupt and spit obsedian
vs. simpletons virt's power is olympian
no minion, can enter my flow dominion

cantibridgian, smash legs I'll wreck your knee on
a spiked mace thats shaped like a decahedron
I bust open men so much blood flowing them

need a custodian, just to get hold of them
mop your intestines, off the marble after I carve you
make you gargle my flow thats as harmful as car fuel

catapulting fire and liquid metal like Vulcan
mics I handle those like Michaelangelo sculpting
the emulsion of my flow it be pulsing

smash skulls in, leading to your souls expulsion
my compusions, to cause a violent divulsion
of your dome from your shoulders with my molten propulsion

resulting in your torso on the floor in convulsions
while your head drips red in the claws of the sultan

[Hook: cuts]

The weak lyric discriminator the beat bigot

let the record rotate like a pivot
I shine like a gold ingot
control the flow like a spigot, come swig it

then fill your grave after I dig it
I'm back thru divine intervention, resurrection
my pencil lead ejection will split your head into sections

I'm projecting no contesting
my progress in sound degrees with my boundary transgression
lesson, men walk on blood cause it's thicker than water

wanna understand the scripture come and sit with the author
I'm a deity, I suggest you express peity
essence I'm omnipresent the lesson there's no secrecy

omnificient, omniscient, omnipotent
I'm my only critic of course gods a hypocrite
it's unclear how your parliament, could resist my armament

I'm bombing it now, no time to ponder it
it's ominous like the prediction of a comet hit
it's obvious my flow is bottomless, yours is homogenous

society's shaped by economists
I fondle it in erogenous manners then mold it into a monolith
the consequence is unification of continents

with constant common sense and communicatory competence
I'm unilateral, I don't care who it matters to
I'll soon splatter you, by the full moon stabbing you

V's degree's Ph D, professional heart dismantler
part-man part-tarantula
harpy handler my hearts a sampler

shark philanderer my parts the chancellor
the literator the originator your an imitator
just a simulator powered by my generator

the terminator vindicator get a respirator and defibrillator
if you battle the incinerator!!

[Hook: cuts]

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